Favorite Beauty YouTubers?

I don’t know about you guys, but I ALWAYS have YouTube on.

I go back and forth between lots of channels and genres, from music playlists, to talk-shows like Good Mythical Morning and VlogBrothers, to vloggers like Julien Solomita (and of course Jenna), to those weird “satisfying” videos with nice sounds.

But let’s not kid around, it’s mostly beauty videos.

My obession with beauty vloggers began with someone I can guess that a lot of people started with, Tati (Glam Life Guru). I was laying in bed with a broken leg, bored out of my mind and nothing to do but look at my tiny bag of makeup near my bed. The ONLY eye shadow palette I owned was the Maybelline Nudes whatever shitty palette. I was looking to play around with and searched for looks I could do with it. I came across Tati’s review on the palette and my mind was blown. It honestly never occurred to me that eyeshadows were NOT all created equally. Everything she said about the palette was spot on. Tati was my gateway drug.

Don’t get me wrong, I still watch her every day. But as I dive deeper into the internet, I have found some truly incredible vloggers that I could watch their videos all day long and not blink twice

  • Emily Eddington from Beauty Broadcast (emilynoel83)

I really can’t even describe how much I love her. I really love her recommendations. I think out of everything that I’ve tried that she has talked about, we disagree on ONE thing (Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara). She’s down to earth, she’s a mom, she’s so educated on makeup, she really cares about her channel (which she’s been doing for years), she is ALWAYS unsponsored, and she’s just genuinely a person I would be friends with. She has 800,000 subscribers and still responds to my comments.  Her reviews are so in depth, but still so fun. I even screen shot her description boxes of her Emily Awards for shopping references! An absolute gem, meeting her is on my bucket list.


  • Coffee Break with Dani

So beauty, so fun, so bright, so spunky. I love her declutters, I love the way she describes things. She also just has really great life advise in general, and she is so positive. She wears a lot brighter colors than I do but love to see what she comes up with!


  • Jessica Braun (jambeauty89)

Now here’s someone who has the same kind of skin that I do. I really trust her word on things because when she talks about her skin, I literally want to take notes on what she does. She puts out so much content so there’s always something to watch from her!


  • Jackie Aina

I have pretty dry skin, and I am usually the lightest shade in a lot of lines of foundations during the winter. Jackie has very oily skin, and some foundation lines aren’t deep enough for her (we’re lookin at you It Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, Covergirl). And yet I LOVE her. She is so freaking funny. I think I first found her through her “Trends We’re Ditching in 2016” Video. She is just to die for beautiful.

  • KathleenLights

Duh. She’s gorgeous, she’s down to earth, she’s quietly hilarious. (Das Espensive, boxysharm). I would watch that girl eat celery for hours and I wouldn’t care. She’s just a gem.

  • ThickThrift (Cassie)

IMO, a severely underrated channel. She is just classy, sweet, all around good person. And her reviews/first impressions are so thorough!

  • Shaaanxo/Carli Bybel

I group these two together because they both have phenomenal BH palettes. Shannon posts beautiful tutorials, and has a stunning collection (and face for that matter). Carli is just a sweetheart and she is unbelievably pretty.

(I really cannot stand MannyMua, JeffreeStar, LauraLee,  PatrickStarrr, or NikkiTutorials, sorry not sorry. I can take about 5 minutes of Jacyln Hill.)

Honorable mentions!

Not every amazing YouTuber has millions of subscribers. Here are some of favorite smaller channels!

  • MakeupByAmyMichelle (a great reviewer)
  • Liv Loves Her Makeup (a sweet lady with a musical voice and mouth like a sailor, i freaking love it)
  • Andrea Matillano (she has such a beautiful collection and we really have the same taste!)
  • Jenn Luvs Reviews (if you don’t watch What’s Up In Makeup, how do you keep up with makeup news??)
  • KittenMoustache (she has the most perfect calming British voice)
  • Viidreamcatcher (we would be friends IRL)

Who are your favorite YouTubers?? I would love to know!