Massive 75% Off Drugstore Makeup Haul! (Store Closing) 

Sadly, neighborhood RiteAid closed last month. 

I personally like RiteAid the most out of every drugstore near me, mostly for the deals and the Plenti points. The only downside is the relatively small selection from number of brands represented. (I never would have bought anything from Milani, NYC (r.i.p.), E.L.F., or Pixi without YouTube.) And the collections are usually smaller and outdated. 

I just so happened to be in the RiteAid when they started putting up the signs that ALL COSMETICS AND NAIL POLISH WERE 75% OFF. I literally ran to grab a hand basket. This was my opportunity to grab everything I had wanted to try from the drugstore, and to stock up on my usual favorites. I went a little crazy… but i’m sure if you’re reading this you will probably appreciate how unbelievably insane this score was. 

All of this, plus some more things i grabbed in the following days, was around $120, a freaking $480 value. I’m still in shock. 

Face Products

A quick recap:

  • Every bottle of Rimmel Lasting Finish (for summer and winter)
  • A PF Butter Blush & Happy Booster blush (normally crazy expensive)
  • Some of my go to BB creams, Almay Smart Shade and PF InstaReady
  • some favorite concealers, Maybelline AgeRewind in Medium (a summer skin tone match) and Neutrogena HydroBoost (really loving this so far)
  • Rimmel and PF bronzers 
  • Maybelline Baby Skin Primer for when i use up my Benefit Porefessional 
  • A Covergirl Instant Cheekbones and L’oréal True Match Blush
  • (not pictured) the new maybelline blush pallete, it’s freaking gorgeous 

Eyes & Lips

  • (from the last picture) two PF Matte Quads (holy god these are so good)
  • every pair of Ardell falsies they had
  • every tube of Maybelline Lash Sensational (my fav)
  • CoverGirl Supersizer and ClumpCrusher (emilynoel83 anyone?)
  • Almay Get Up and Grow (i loved this once but the tube broke when i dropped it?)
  • L’oréal Laquer Liner (Tati anyone?)
  • Maybelline Baby Lips (duh)
  • Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss, i actually went back and bought every shade they had, these are amazing
  • a few random L’oréal mascaras 
  • (Not pictured) every Maybelline Brow Satin in medium brown they had, i go through these like crazy so buying 5 of them was a great investment

Nails & Such

  • individual nail polish remover at like 12 cents a pop
  • Wet n’ Wild Gel Polish
  • Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy
  • Sally Hanson Gel (terrible formula across the board with this line)
  • more of those Butter Kisses
  • a random CoverGirl single shadow that turned out to be a perfect one shadow

So that’s it! Crazy right? Paying a dollar or two for some of these items was so exhilarating, it’s really dampened my need for buying from the drugstore for a long time! just wishing that this would happen to a sephora near me someday 😉