my boyfriend moved six hours away today.

I had known this was coming for about 5 weeks, and it still doesn’t feel real.

he moved for work, not much to say. he says he had to do it for his career move. i don’t really know about that.

we’ve been dating since august, and two weeks ago was the only weekend i’ve spent without him since then. he went to look at apartments and I studied for finals, and my heart felt so empty.

i really don’t know what to do right now. I feel so empty again.

trying to stay positive and not keep crying all day.

just hard, friends.

not a good day.


4 thoughts on “my boyfriend moved six hours away today.

  1. Stacey says:

    😦 that sucks, but stay strong lovely x
    have you decided whether to stay together or are you calling it off due to distance? sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, but 6 hours is quite a way. I’m here if you feel like venting to a stranger on the internet 🙂


    • thank you so much girl! we are going to try to make it work. when he started looking for new jobs he was only looking within his own company and at places really far away, but i never thought he was going to leave. and he didn’t tell me he was even interested in this particular job until AFTER he interviewed for it and got the job. so i found out all at once about 5 weeks ago. its been really rough since then. he could be there for 2-3 years…
      just taking it one day at a time! thanks for reading and listening to my rambles ❤ xo


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