Things Beauty YouTubers Needed to STOP Saying like yesterday

As told in my last post, I am obsessed with beauty YouTubers. This is no shade on any particular person (except for the three I mentioned last time lol). But really, I watch YouTube so often that I wish I had a dime for each time I heard these things…

I’m sorry this video is gonna be like, 10 hours long…

Bitch I know how long this video is, I can tell by the timestamp in the corner. If I didn’t want to watch your long ass video I wouldn’t. Stop apologizing and get on with it.

[at the beginning of the video] Go ahead and like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Now I don’t really think asking people to subscribe is annoying. But asking me to like a video BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS is fucking obnoxious. I should start unliking videos when I hear that. Go ahead, make sure you get people to subscribe. And I know likes are enormously important on YouTube. But begging for likes is just so pathetic.

[joking before a glam/brightly colored/crazy/excessive makeup look] So this is like a really natural wearable look to go to the grocery store…

That joke was old the first fucking time. Stfu.

This is a sponsored video but my views are always my own and I really feel this way about the product.

Bitch I know you don’t, you have a fucking script. I have a lot of strong feeling about sponsored videos. More about that on another day…

If you want to learn how to get this makeup look, then just keep watching!

What do you think I was here for… *eye roll*

Use of my coupon code and save some coin hunty!


I have so much respect for some vloggers but I am 1000% over hearing these things. What are your guys’ biggest YouTuber pet peeves? Let me know!


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