Recent Skin Care Sample Fails and Faves! 

(ew could that title be anymore silly?) 

i LOVE samples. especially skin care, because high end skin care can get really expensive, and i’m not one to make a big investment like that without making sure it’s gonna work. i’m one of those suckers who will make a purchase JUST for the sample… sounds dumb but i’ve found some of my favorites that way!

anyways, let’s chat about what i’ve tried recently! 

First up, an absolute fave so far! Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb: it says it’s for dryness, enlarged pores, and dullness and unevenness… um check, check, and check! this is such a beautiful moisturizer, it really feel the hydration but it doesn’t feel greasy at all. and i was amazed how beautifully it spread over the skin, i used so little product and it was plenty for the face and neck. but the TEXTURE. oh my gosh, i look photoshopped. it’s freaking beautiful. i can’t wait to wear this under makeup. i’ll keep you updated! 

Next, a really bad fail… Olay Regenerist Advanced Moisturizer. i got about two uses out of this little thing, were as the belif i could probably get 3 more uses out of. i have never had a moisturizer pull up on me so badly when putting it on AND cling to foundation so weird. i used it last night and it wasn’t anything terrible, not moisturizing enough for a night time application. i’m glad i got a sample of this because i really wanted to get the full size of this. 

i’m KICKING myself for not taking pictures of this massive fail. The Tarte Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer: holy crap was this bad. a pretty standard moisturizer. not as good as my philosophy deluxe samples i’m working though, but not terrible. BUT HOLY SHIT GUYS, ITS PURPLE. like i should have read that it’s a “highlighting” moisturizer, but it’s straight up opalescent. which maybe would be cool if you’re a Coachella rat but GOD. like i put foundation on top and it looked so dingy. i know lavender is supposed to be brighting but this is so purple on my light skin that it’s not cute. not nearly hydrating enough for me and coupled with the weird color, definite pass. 

and that’s it! i really think if that belif cream works out i mighty buy the full size once i’ve worked through my (crazy) stash of samples. thanks for reading! 


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